About Tair

About Tair

I’m Tair Asim, though some ppl know me as Tair Assimov. I’m an entrepreneur, tech leader, maker, and developer. I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, immigrated to Finland at 20, lived in Dubai, and ended up in beautiful Barcelona.

Currently, I am tinkering with SlashDeploy (a chatbot to help teams manage GitHub Deployments without leaving Slack), and hacking on some open-source projects, such as evm.codes.

This site hosts some of my writings on personal development, productivity, engineering, products, startups, technology, entrepreneurship, and anything else that comes to my mind. 🤓

In the past, I consulted Fortune500 companies, taught at universities & bootcamps, led product and engineering teams, and ran a couple of startups for developers: Deveo (acquired by Perforce) and Dockbit (didn’t work out but been one hell of a ride).

I strive for: Creating awesome products with amazing people 🚀

If you wanna connect, find me on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, or just send me an email to hi@tairasim.com.